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Our Vision

To have a Zambia with decent, adequate and affordable housing for all.

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Strategic Objectives

To strengthen Civil Society involvement in lobby.

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Our Mission

To be a platform of Civil Society Organizations.

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capacity building


#You are voting for upholding the cultural values of our country.

#You are voting against abortion because the Proposed Bill of Rights insists that Life begins at conception.

#You are voting against homosexuality because the Proposed Bill of Rights insists that one must marry a fellow adult of the opposite sex.

#You are voting for your children's free primary and secondary education.

#You are voting for your health and health of your family because medical services must be provided by govt for all citizens for free.

#You are voting for your economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.

#You are voting against the tendency by politicians to manipulate the constitution.
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Population growth in urban cities continues to push for an increase in housing majority Zambians that cannot be accommodated with adequate housing. Lack of commitment by government in terms of policy and budgetary allocation to the housing sector has further exacerbated the problem both in rural and urban.

As an organization, we have witnessed with discontent that of all the Presidential Contenders in the forthcoming General Elections, no Political Party especially Presidential Candidates have presented the problem relating to housing and human settlement in Zambia.
As of 2015, Zambia’s population was estimated 15,473,905 and it is projected to reach 17,885, 422 by 2020 and 23, 576,214 by 2030. The population is rapidly growing and urbanizing at rates of 2.8 and 4.3%. To house this growing population, government must make commitment through increased budgetary allocation to the housing sector and take advantage that investing in housing, brings about economic gains to both the local authorities and government. Housing can provide revenues to the council that can make provide quality services that have been missing and a public outcry.
Housing provision will provide dignity to the general public considering that most existing houses especially in low cost areas, do not qualify to human standards that promotes and sustains quality human life.

Therefore, CFHH seeks redress from all Political Presidential Candidates that as they campaign up to run up to the general elections, they should tell how best, they are going to address the challenge of housing the country is facing. We also recognise efforts that have been made in the past to build houses for people in Uniform such as the military, the nurses among others. The question therefore is, how do people that are not in the military going to benefit in terms of access to affordable housing?
Housing is a fundamental right and it has been recognised in Part III OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS, therefore, addressing it during these Campaigns and how whichever government that will assume office, must indicate how best, they are going to implement housing development in ZAMBIA.
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Civic Forum on Housing and Habitat Zambia (CFHH) is a national network of civil society and community based organisations with a total of 26 network member organizations involved in Housing and Habitat issues in Zambia.