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To have a Zambia with decent, adequate and affordable housing for all.

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ONE hundred and fifty houses have collapsed in Keembe Constituency in Chibombo, Central Province, following heavy rain experienced in the past two weeks.
Meanwhile, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has dispatched food hampers as well as 300 iron sheets for the worst affected families to cushion their problems.
District Commissioner Banabas Musopelo said the Government was currently assessing the kind of help each household would require before starting the distribution of tents that had been procured by the DMMU.
Mr Musopelo said one commercial famer had also offered an aircraft to carry out an aerial of the affected areas before distributing the relief food.
“At the moment we have established that 150 houses have collapsed. Now, I must also mention that there could be more because some areas are inaccessible at the moment” he said.
“ So we have a team that has gone on the ground to continue assessing the problem. In fact, one commercial farmer has given us an aircraft to help in assessing the area” He added
The area has been experiencing heavy rain in the past few weeks, and several houses as well as public infrastructure such as schools and roads have been damaged.
Many of the affected areas along the landless Corner-Mumbwa road , where the contractor left unfinished drainages and culverts, which are now diverting water in people’s homes and fields.
Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga with permanent secretary Chanda Kabwe last week inspected the area together with the DMMU regional coordinator Boyd Siyanga and area Member of Parliament Princess Kasune.
Mr Mushanga said the Government was committed to ensuring that the affected residents receive the necessary support to live.
BY SYVESTER MWALE [Times of Zambia/ 15/03/16]

Civic Forum on Housing and Habitat Zambia (CFHHZ) commends Government for such humane efforts. However, there is need to invest much in housing development as a government and as a country. What has been missing is the realization of housing as a fundamental human right. The poor people often suffer simply because accessing land for housing development remains a challenge and policy commitment in actualizing the right to housing remains far-fetched.
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Civic Forum on Housing and Habitat Zambia (CFHH) is a national network of civil society and community based organisations with a total of 26 network member organizations involved in Housing and Habitat issues in Zambia.

If you would like to join us in the working towards improving access to land and adequate housing for all, especially the poor and marginalised people of Zambia, or if you simply want more information, please contact us.